Award Winning Catching Cold Series

2023 NYC Big Book Award Distinguished Favorite Medical Mystery Thriller

Catching Cold Vol 3: Judgment  Now Available

Three intrepid souls. Three plans.

Doctor John DeLeon CEO of CiliCold, Meredith Doucette ex-CEO of Triple S Pharmaceuticals and. Olivia Steadman, ex-regulator for Tanner Pharmaceuticals, independently pursue ambitious plans to rein in a pharmaceutical industry that is out of control. The war is waged on the scientific, litigious, and legislative battlefronts. Personally damaged in their pursuit of remedies for the industry, a public health debacle of unprecedented proportions turns their operations into a spectacle that the world both watches and fears..

The story of Dr. Jon DeLeon and his reconstituted CiliCold team continues. Deflecting SSS Pharmaceuticals from Dr. DeLeon’s immunology work,  CiliCold escapes to a hidden research environment. There, the intrepid group takes a heart stopping chance and make an explosive discovery, shocking the world while infuriating SSS with their defiance. As SSS writhes in the agony of its CEO who despises what the company has become, Cassie Rhodes, loyal Triple-S lead attorney, defects to CiliCold. There, healing after Cristen’s rending suicide, she finds her home as an industry terrorist closes in…

Catching Cold – Vol 1: Breakthrough. 

Breakthrough cover

2023 NYC Big Book Award Distinguished Favorite Medical Mystery Thriller

Honorable Mention 2023 The BookFest Fiction – Medical Thriller Category

Seven years ago, in the pre-COVID era…

Doctor Jon DeLeon, a behaviorally disturbed scientist, believes that he can cure the common cold. Working with a team of eccentric and intense scientists, themselves discarded by the research community, he races forward to his goal. Imminent emotional collapse and financial ruin distract him from betrayal and crippling corporate hostility…