Saving Grace

Winner: Trafford Gold Seal of Literary Excellency


The Award winning Saving Grace is the story of the sensitive, loving four year old child of Andy Landing, a spiritually broken widower struggling to rebuild his family. A visit to the family physician for race’s chronic weakness reveals the shocking diagnosis of Norris’ disease that threatens Gracie’s life. With the help of Marie Blackfox, a young Cherokee physician crippled by the 21st century medical system, Andy struggles to keep Gracie alive.

Lindsey Silva, Ph.D. a young and aggressive virologist, is enticed to join the top-secret LifeBlood Project, an effort to produce a viral infection in patients that will cure the deadly Norris’ disease. The promise of the new therapy, in combination with the rewards of working with a pharmaceutical powerhouse propel her to the top of the program. However, when problems arise with the new therapy, Lindsey sacrifices her family and the best of herself to find the novel solutions that will save the program and Gracie’s life.

Although Lindsey, Marie, and Andy commit themselves to Gracie’s cure, their efforts are undone by the discovery of Project LifeBlood’s terrible secret. Its public revelation generates the crisis of Lindsey Silva’s career. However, as she struggles to respond, the FDA’s advisors have their own astonishing and unprecedented strategy to prepare the public for the shock of LifeBlood…

Taking on hypermodern viral therapy and the controversial drug approval process, readers will find themselves on an emotional roller coaster ride of mystery, shock, and anger in Saving Grace.

Reviews for Saving Grace

I have finished reading your novel….  I just could not put it down.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  What a terrific idea to educate while entertaining the reader.  If you don’t mind, I would like to give a copy to my parents to read.  It will give them an idea of what my career has been like and also what it takes to develop a drug…With the right promotion, I think that this could be a big seller.  Congratulations!… Your story has just the right touch. Vice President of Regulatory Affairs…Pharmaceutical Company

I think you may have a winner!!…The very first paragraph grabs you and makes you very curious and makes you want to read on to see what happens to Lindsey.  I also like the way that you bring us to this defining moment in her life and then take us back to the beginning and weave the story of how she got to this moment…I also like the way you tell the stories side by side of Lindsey and Josh, Andy and Gracie, and Maria. ..The story does a good job of putting a human face on our world of medicine…I liked the old Doc, victim of not wanting to change and adapt to the new world of HMOs, etc.  and what happens to them.  He is out of the mainstream of acceptable but not out of touch as to what Gracie needs and where to send her. Corporate CEO

OK, I’m hooked. Send me more… First, I couldn’t separate myself from a regular reader. I loved the Advisory Committee meeting, the “thought leaders”…, the frantic positioning of a product, the hysteria and the magical thinking when something is going really sour. So whenever I got to a part like that, I was totally engaged…It was clever to put the FDA stuff in a novel… I liked the way you interwove the various pairs of people. A clear strength of the novel…This works itself out well…. Also, the mysterious old man at the meeting is very effective – shows the ambivalence of the family – a nice touch…It is all very exciting…I am so impressed with your ability to write!  FDA Consultant

I finished the book over the weekend. I really enjoyed it and would recommend it to others.  I found it very interesting and it was on a topic that I do not know too much about… it is kind of scary, recent events certainly have brought this to everyone’s attention with the different medications that have been pulled off the market. So your timing is very apropos. I like the characters and the seduction of Lindsay to Armstrong Pharm reminded me a little bit like “The Firm” … hope to see “Saving Grace” in Barnes and Noble.  Investment Banker

The novel does a very good job of personalizing a very critical part of health care…Optometrist

I think your book was great.  It definitely held my attention and it was refreshing to read something I could identify with… obviously my background in Epidemiology and working at the FDA and now in industry makes the story more real to me…I like that you pointed out in “easy to understand” numbers the probability of detecting an adverse event with the sample size of their study…I think your explanation of Norris’ Disease, the treatment protocol, the FDA, clinical trials, and the advisory committee meeting was fabulous.  I think the book would be easily understood by people from all different types of career backgrounds. .. Great explanation of industry and how much money they spend in the development of a new drug/product. Helps the reader realize just how important getting a drug FDA approved is…I liked the presence of Andrew and Gracie in the story… Fabulous last 3 paragraphs… I never saw it coming…You really faked me out… I did thoroughly enjoy reading your book… Ex – FDA Employee and Current Big Pharma Scientist

The book is gripping…I like and care about Gracie, Marie, Josh, Lindsey and Lance…The importance of ethical dilemmas is something we must all face, especially scientists and lawyers… It is not just easy to read, it is hard to put down!…  Attorney

The bottom line is the story certainly drew me in and made me want to keep reading– it says a lot that I am looking forward to finish the section I have not yet read…I’ll look for it on the shelves!  Epidemiologist and Big Pharma Employee

This is really very very good….great writing. I would really like to finish this… Current Big Pharma Employee

On par with bestselling medical thrillers by luminaries such as Michael Crichton, Robin Cook, Richard Preston, and others, this gripping tale takes a fascinating look at an industry that is both demonized and idolized in contemporary society. Although some minor editing would enhance the tale’s effectiveness, the overall quality of the writing, Moyé’s insider knowledge, and his excellent grasp of storytelling shine through. The protagonist and supporting characters are multidimensional and memorable, and readers will easily visualize the scenes as though viewing them on the big screen. Due to the subject matter, there is little to be happy about in this novel, and the emotional rollercoaster will leave readers exhausted. However, readers will likely still be clamoring for more from this gifted novelist. Despite the author’s penchant for dark revelations, this entertaining tale realistically tackles the issues it reveals with dignity and aplomb. Kate Robinson