Catching Cold Vol 1 – Breakthrough

2023 Honorable Mention Bookfest Fiction-medical thriller award

This ambitious three volume series follows the Dr. Jon DeLeon and his eccentric group as they pursue what all credible scientists have abandoned – a way to prevent the common cold.

Doctor Jon DeLeon, an inspired scientist plagued by emotional addictions, believes that he can cure the common cold. A motley group of eccentric and intense scientists under the name CiliCold stumble, fight, and work together to test Jon’s hypothesis. These efforts lead to repeated failure, and their support team becomes disillusioned by the repeated difficulties. Attorneys Jasper Giles and Cassie Rhodes, ruthless defenders of the SSS Pharmaceutical Company, learn of Dr. DeLeon’s ideas through the brutal deposition of CiliCold’s ex-accountant. Intrigued by the promise of Jon’s work, they infiltrate the company to learn that Jon’s imminent emotional collapse and financial ruin blind him to the crippling assault the lawyers are prepared to unleash.  Only the final staggering observation of  Jon and his team, together with the dogged resistance of another takeover target of SSS, can possible preserve the finding of overwhelming scientific significance for which no one is prepared.