Madam President 2024

The decline of an aging president shoves an untested vice president into leadership of both the nation and the world in Madam President 2024.  Questions arise about her succession decision authority as she is tested by shocking military moves of the Kremlin that strike into the heart of struggling Ukraine. She must decide to act against the incursion within twenty four hours of her first day as legitimacy questions arise about the execution of the Constitution’s 25th amendment concerning presidential succession. The response to her decision leads to a staggering cost for the United States, and she must convince a hostile and distrustful military to stand down from a total thermonuclear response and accept instead her “out of the box” solution.  It is a time unlike any other in American history. It is the time of the first woman President of the United States.

This is just the first forty-eight hours of the new Commander in Chief, in the book, Madam President 2024, a new geopolitical thriller by award winning author Lem Moyé, due out in fall 2023.
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